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Functionbay presented the new release of the MBD Software RecurDyn. A large number of new features to increase productivity await the user. V9R5 new release Jan 10th 2022 RecurDyn V9R5 The new version of winLIFE, winLIFE 2022 has been released and is available for customers to download! The highlights of the new version are: •	Implementation of the 7th edition of the FKM guidline •	Extension of the RecurDyn Interface •	Stress gradient calculation based on *.lst files •	Select individual stress componentes for analysis •	Support for nonlinear *.op2 files  new release Feb 7th 2022 winLIFE 2022 Learn more about the lastest RecurDyn functions and FBG.Tools. Live in action - online! The session will take place on March 10th 2022. Reserve one of the limited seats directly via the registration button. It‘s free of charge. March 10th 2022 Feb 18th 2022 FBG Tech Show The new release of SDC Verifieris available for download for maintenance customers. A number of improvements and an extension of the integrated standards awaits the user. •	Support of ANSYS 2022 R1; FEMAP and Simcenter 2022.1 •	Tapered Beam Tool for FEMAP •	Apply the values of the input between identical standards •	Rainflow counting for welds •	Improvements on the windload generator  new release  4th of April 2022 SDC Verifier 2022 R1 Load Combinations Recognitions Checks Reports Advanced Automatic Reporting for ANSYS Mechanical with SDC Verifier.   free webinar  15th of April 2022 SDC Verifier Report Designer at 3pm CET 20th of April 2022
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