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Complex products often require a multiphysical view of the task for which special software and specific expertise outside the actual field of activity of AWOTEC GmbH is required. We maintain close contact with partner companies whose expertise expands our range of services in order to offer our end customers comprehensive solutions. We increase the quality of the simulation by means of accompanying measurements, either on site at the object or in the company’s own testing room. The combination of these methods enables realistic predictions of the behaviour of complex systems even under difficult operating conditions.
•	Multi Body Dynamics o	RECURDYN •	Mathematics o	Mathcad  •	Finite Elemente Analysis o	Simcenter FEMAP o	Simcenter NASTRAN o	ADINA Structures o	ANSYS Workbench und APDL •	Strength assessment o	SDC Verifier  •	Fatigue analysis o	winLIFE •	Computer Aided Design (CAD) o	SolidEdge •	Measurement technology o	Dewesoft   Our CAE Tools / Software:
Strength assessment according to industry standards o FKM Guideline – linear und nonlinear o EUROCODE 3 und EUROCODE 9 o Crane construction EN 13001 o Railway applications EN12663, DVS1608, DVS1609 o Pressure vessels according to EN13445 und AD2000 o Wind turbines according to GL Guidelines o VDI 2230 o and others Fatigue analyses based on measurement and/or simulation data o Stress - or strain based o Random vibration fatigue o Critical plane methods o nonlinear / transient CAD Desing o Design, draft and 3D modeling o Standard conforming part and assembly drawings with parts list
•	API customization for automation of CAE processes
Multi-body dynamics o Complex systems o With flexible Components o Chains, belts, bearings, gears etc. Structural optimization o Parameter optimization o Topology optimization o Design of experiment (DOE)
Static analyses - linear and nonlinear o Contact analyses o Material nonlinearities (plastic, rubber, …) o Stability with buckling and snap-through Structural dynamics o Direkt and modale methods o Random response und response spectrum (PSD)
Our range of services includes:
The application of the finite element method (FEM) and multibody dynamics (MBD) to solve static and dynamic problems is at the heart of our range of services. We develop, design, optimize and calculate for our customers with powerful CAE tools and support the development process of your products from the initial draft to the detailed design. By using modern simulation tools, you get to know the behaviour of your products better from the very beginning and thus lay the foundation for successful product development. On request, you will receive a complete documentation with a comprehensive description of the calculation model, the analysis settings and the results of each analysis project. This allows you to track the analyses carried out even years later.
AWOTEC GmbH is at your disposal as a partner in the development of new products, machines and plants. We offer comprehensive engineering services by combining practical design work and deep know-how in the application of numerical simulation methods.
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